Garage Door Cable Repair

Cable Repair

Cables are a critical component to your garage door and they should always be kept in an excellent condition. If you see any signs of door cable issues, call us today before the problem gets worse and increase your risk of danger.
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What do the cables do on a garage door?

Garage doors have cables on each side, working alongside extension and torsion springs to enable smooth door movement. When one cable breaks, the other undergoes extra stress, increasing the likelihood of its failure.

These cables are located at the bottom of the door, connected to both ends of the torsion spring shaft. They wind and unwind on a drum as the torsion spring rotates, facilitating door movement. When the door lowers, the spring tightens.

As previously mentioned, a broken cable causes the door to become uneven, placing additional strain on other components like rollers and tracks. Promptly replacing the damaged cable is crucial to prevent more costly issues.

How can I tell if my cable is broken or a problem?

There are a few telling signs that your cable has broken or become damaged. Look for these signs on the garage door.

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