How To Align your Garage Door Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are an important but sometimes temperamental part of your garage door system. 

Safety sensors prevent the door from closing when an object is in the way or path of the door.  Modern safety sensors have a laser that shoots from one side of your door to the other, if that beam is broken, the door will not close.  It also will reverse direction if the beam is broken while the door is closing.  

If your garage door sensors are not working properly, your opener will not function as a safety feature.   

One of the most common issues that we see is the garage door sensor being misaligned. This can happen from being bumped by a person or maybe a car. Also if brooms, tools, or other items are stored in the front corner of your garage, those can fall and strike your sensor dislocating it.  The good news is that often a minor adjustment can re-align the sensors and fix the problem.

How do I know if something is wrong with my safety sensors?

First thing to check is to make sure there is nothing blocking the sensors. If there is nothing blocking the sensors, check that the lenses are clean and clear of debris, sometimes spider webs and insects can cover these. Most models of sensors on the market today have an LED light on the side that lights up when the sensor’s pathways are connected and the light will turn solid. Rotate and turn the sensor until the sensors are aligned. If you still have problems at this point, one of the sensors may be bad or there is a wiring problem.  

How can I prevent misaligned safety sensors?

There are a couple simple things you can do to avoid issues with your safety sensors.  First, the wires that connect your sensors to the opener should be tight and stapled to the wall or door frame and travel up towards your opener mounted to the ceiling.  Loose wires can get yanked or pulled accidently and be a hazard in the garage.  A yanked wire can damage the sensor or dislocate it.  

Next, clear tools or other loose objects that might be stored near your safety sensors.  This will prevent things from falling and blocking the sensor and potential knocking it out of alignment.  
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How to fix or replace safety sensors

If your sensors are broken or damaged they can typically be replaced.  A garage door supplier can replace sensors during a routine service call.  A handy homeowner can also complete the job.  Some safety sensors can be purchased at local home improvement stores.  The product will include detailed instruction on installation.  Be aware that you opener brand may require brand specific sensors. 

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